Money in My Tummy


Money, money, I swallowed all my money,

Now it’s rolliing about in my tummy

All the tummy bunnies are shouting

‘Mummy Mummy – you swallowed all the money’

My Trainers


A Poem by HMC

My trainers are clean, new and white

They won’t hurt you, they don’t bite.

My trainers are for running and for fun,

They are for dancing out in the sun.

My trainers are strong, my trainers are bright,

My trainers can be tied loose or tight.

My trainers are great, they are really cool,

They are absolutely ace for playing the fool.

My trainers can jump and they can stamp

But still you won’t get any cramp.

My trainers squeak because they’ve got lots of grip,

No water will get in, not even a drip.

My trainers are comfy, warm and dry,

But now it is time to say ‘Goodbye’

My trainers are dirty, small and old,

They are no longer very bold.

Can I have some sandals?

In these trainers my feet are as hot as candles!

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