Holiday Wish List

So, we go off to Skiathos tomorrow.  We’ve been doing a bit of planning and preparation for the trip. We have to plan.  Yeah – OK, I’m a bit of a control freak and I like to know what there is to know and what to expect.  It also helps B to know the options for trips etc that are available.  We also use our planning to discuss everyone’s ‘wish list’ so that we can try to ensure that everyone gets to do at least some of the things they want to do on holiday.

Talking about this in advance helps us to manage expectations and to talk with the children about making sure that we all have a nice time and acomodate each other.

So here are our wish-lists for our holiday in Skiathos:

Swimming in the sea – photo from google images

M – 9 year-old

Read books
Swim in the pool and in the sea
Have fun
Hire a boat
Be in Charge
Go on a Pedalo
Go to an empty beach

Skiathos motor boat (image from Skiathos Marine Services website)

B – 11 year-old

Go to Mystique Beach because there are rocks to explore
Go to sunset beach
Hire a motor boat
Go to Arkos Island on the boat
Go to Skiathos town and a get a small boat over to Tsougaria Island
Get a small boat to Lalaria to see the rocks and the white pebles

Me Drink a cocktail whilst watching the sun set.
Go to Skiathos town for dinner one evening.
Eat Baklava, lamb, aubergines, humous, greek salad, stuffed peppers and lots of fish – (not all at the same time)
survive the inevitable motor boat trip
To laze in the shallows of the cool waters, staring up at a clear blue sky and dream
To do the things the children want to do – with the exeception of M being in charge – although if things go well we do let them have an evening each where they choose where we eat.

beach at Tsougaria island

D Well, I haven’t asked him yet and if I do he will probably just ask what the rest of us want to do and say – ‘that’s fine’, which is OK on one one level, but on another its so infuriating, because we just want to know what his opinion is rather than wondering if he is really happy or just trying to please all of us. Anyway, I do know that he will like the idea of hiring a boat.  He will also prefer to be by the sea rather than by a pool.  He will want chilled beer in glasses straight out of the freezer and he will want to eat dinner at restaurants where he can hear the sound of the sea as often as he can.

Ok – I was mainly right – I just asked him – He wants to hire the boat, go to Skiathos Town, Go to quiet beaches and Go to another island.

So, these lists are looking good, as on paper, it looks as though we all want similar things, so hopefully there shouldn’t be too many problems / fallings out / difficult negotiations etc.  We just have to keep our fingers crossed that the children don’t decide to make too much of a fuss about walking to the various beaches and eating establishments and that we don’t end up cast adrift in the middle of the mediterranean in a tiny 25 hp motorboat. So, with that I will climb the stairs, turf the cat out of the suitcase and resume packing our swim stuff, sun screen and towels. See you all in a couple of weeks.

PS – Don’t forget to watch the Paralympics opening ceremony – I think one of my mates is performing – but shssssssh – don’t tell !!

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Visually impaired Mum, with VI hubby, 2 disabled children. Disability campaigner, novice blogger and tweeter. Trying to put the world to rights and share our journey and positive stories.
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6 Responses to Holiday Wish List

  1. solodialogue says:

    Bon Voyage! Can’t wait to see some of your photos and hear all about the boating! 😉

  2. Thank you. I’m sure there will be loads of pics 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    This sounds like an amazing holiday, food, drinks & beach. What more do you need?

    I hope you all have a lovely time.

  4. clairelouise82 says:

    Stunning enjoy.x

  5. raven's witch says:

    hi i want to let you know that i have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award, the rules etc. will be up soon in my blog 🙂

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