A Walk Through London

On Thursday B and I went out into London.  We had a purpose, but more of that later!

Rather than just go into town for one reason alone we decided to make an afternoon of it and went on a walk through London.  Here are some of the pictures we took:

Olympic rings on a river barge

Tower Bridge raised

We started off with a pinic lunch on the riverside in front of City Hall.  It always feels very exciting when we get to see Tower Bridge being raised.  When we arrived we had a feeling that it might happen because the Olympic rings were folded up.  When they are suspended there isn’t enough room to raise the bridge, so they have a mechanism to raise them and rotate them to a horizontal postition under the gantry.

We weren’t sure what they are going to use the rings on the barge for.  When we went up to that part of the river last Friday that barge and those rings weren’t there.

Mandeville statue

Fountain on the South Bank

We walked along the South Bank past HMS Belfast until we got to London Bridge.  As well as the statue of Mandeville, the official mascot for the Paralympic Games and the lovely fountain, there are many other interesting sculptures along this stretch of the river and we enjoyed looking at the pointed motifes on the pavement representing the Olympic Sports.

View of the Shard

Tate Modern and the Millenium bridge

We crossed the river at London Bridge and spent the next part of the walk walking along the river for short stretches in between having to cut back around the streets before re-joining the river.  I love the veiws of the different sights you see along the river and it was a beautiful day.

St Paul’s Cathedral

The Shard & Tower Bridge in the distance

This part of the river is quite quiet and we enjoyed walking along looking at the flags and the shadows they made on the pavement.


We also spotted this in the Pavement.  Apparently there are 99 of them around London.  This was number 2. They give instructions about little games you play.  It’s quite a simple and nice little idea and I’ve never seen them before.  In fact I’ve just looked up to find out more and its a new project for this Summer called 99 Tiny Games .  Click on the link to find out more.

99 Tiny Games No 2

As we rounded the bend in the river the London Eye came into view.  I love this picture.  You can just about see the sun glinting on the pods as they turn.

London Eye

Our walk then took us along Victoria Embankment where the infamous ‘Olympic Lanes’ are in operation.  B enjoyed spotting all the official olympic cars and buses etc.  There was also lots of evidence of people putting out temporary tourist information signs and numerous gamesmakers were strolling the streets.  The one thing we haden’t realised was that where the Olympic Lanes are in operation they have also restricted the points at which pedestrians can cross the roads.

Olympic Lanes

crossings barred

The next spot on our growing list of sights were the Sphinx and Cleopatra’s Needle.


Cleopatra’s needle

This nearly bought us to the end of our walk, well it should have done, but I didn’t manage to turn off the Embankment at the right point, so we ended up walking all the way up to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.  Which, although received a little moan from B, wasn’t really a problem, it was just another sight to add to our collection for the day.  I don’t have a picture though, as the angle was all wrong and there were too many people, so we took a detour up Whitehall, past Trafalgar Square, where I took the last sightseeing picture.

Nelson’s Column

This took us up to about 4.pm, so we had a lovely afternoon strolling round London spotting the sights, all for the cost of a bought sandwich from M&S, and if I’d been more organised we could have made the sandwiches and taken our own picnic.

However, the cheap day out wasn’t to last as the reason we went into London was to visit Covent Garden to make a much longed for purchase:

Our New Toy

After spending a little bit more of our hard earned cash on fruit products we set off home, only to score our final sight of the day.  We just happened to be at Trafalgar Square as the Olympic flame went by, so I got my second glimpse.  B saw it for the first time as he had been at his Grandma’s when it passed through our area on Monday.  We didn’t manage any pics this time as it was so crowded, but it was a nice end to a lovely day.

B is now very busy whilst I play the part of the sulky child stamping my feet because ‘I want a go’.

If anyone has any recommendations for fun cheap apps then do share.  Thanks for reading 🙂

I have linked this post to The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers for the theme of Street Photography 


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10 Responses to A Walk Through London

  1. solodialogue says:

    So exciting to see all the lovely photos and that adorable face! What a fun day and so full of excitement with all the Olympics opening prep going on. So happy for the new ‘toy’ as well. Now, I know you’ve got yourself a smart one there and I don’t know exactly what kind Of apps you ate looking for but my bloggy friend Lori has this http://special-education-advocacy-support.blogspot.com/2012/05/apps-for-preteens-and-young-teens.html?m=0
    If you want check it out. I am quite sure he will find lots of things on his own though! Enjoy it! It’s a great investment!!

    • Thank you for the link I will check that out. It was quite exciting seeing all the olympic preparations. We will do our best to soak up as much of the olympics as we can without actually going to any of the venues.

  2. It seems that you saw a lot of the sights on your walk. I have recently visited London with my two sisters frrom Australia. We , like you, spent time walking along the Thames and found there was so much to see and do. River trips are nice as well.

    • Yes, I love the river, we’ve done river boat trips too, but it was such a lovely day and we had time to kill and I think walking is a great way to see things and get an idea of where the different landmarks and sites are in relation to each other.

  3. We live just a short train journey from London, but I find it a little overwhelming so we hardly ever visit. I really want to visit Chinatown though, as we both love Asian quisine and we want to pick up some authentic goodies that we can’t find in Chelmsford 🙂

    • I can see that it would be quite overwhelming. Luckily my Son quite likes going into London. He loves trains and stations etc. so it works for us. I hope you manage to find a way of visiting chinatown. I love it round there, 🙂 There are also some quiter, calmer places in London. It’s not all mad hussle and bussle. Some of the big parks are beautiful.

  4. clairelouise82 says:

    Looks like u had a great day, enjoyed reading and checking out your snaps

    • Thanks Claire, We love going into town, and walking is a great way of seeing things, and is a reasonably cheap form of entertainment (we don’t usually combine it with buying an ipad) !

  5. Jennifer says:

    Lovely photos of London preparing for the Olympics! I will have to look out for the 99 Tiny Games, sounds really fun!

    • Thanks. Yes I’d not heard anything about the 99 tiny games so we looked them up on google when we got home. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I think I’ve been carried away by summer holidays & Olympics

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