The Tooth Fairy is not Psychic!

WARNING – This Post is Not to be read by or to small children!

OK, – caught!

A couple of days ago as B was going to bed he announced to Daddy that ‘the tooth fairy hasn’t been’.

Well, I have to admit, that the tooth fairy in this house has developed a bad habit of being late and has often had to cough up interest on these occasions.  And believe me, the interest rates are equivalent to some of those dreadful loan shark companies!

But this time we were stumped.  ‘What has the tooth fairy forgotten?’ asked Daddy innocently.

‘Well’ said B ‘My tooth fell out on Monday and I put it under my pillow and it’s still there – the tooth fairy hasn’t been’

Ooooh Noooo.  OK, so he’s 11 and naturally has been questioning the tooth fairy and other gift bearing characters.  We have never lied out-right about any of these fabulous beings.  We have merely answered the children’s questions by asking them questions in return.


B: ‘The Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist does she?’
Us: ‘Well, do you think s/he exists?’
B: ‘No, I think it’s Daddy’
Us: ‘Well, if you think it’s Daddy then perhaps you don’t need to put your teeth under the pillow anymore’
B: ‘Ummm. But I want the tooth fairy to come’


B: ‘so and so told me the tooth fairy (substitute any other gift bearing hero) doesn’t exist’
Us: ‘do you believe them?’
B ‘I’m not sure, I don’t think s/he can be real’
Us: ‘Why not?’
B: ‘because s/he doesn’t know where we live / can’t get to everyone in one night / can’t sneak in when the doors are locked etc. etc. ‘
Us: ‘Ok, fairly good reasons, but do you want to believe (person who told you they don’t exist)?’
B: ‘Not sure – not really’
Us: ‘Well, it’s up to you’
B: ‘OK’

So now I think we can drop all the pretence at questions.  He is there.  He is too clever.  He didn’t tell us his tooth had fallen out and I don’t have an answer for why the tooth fairy isn’t psychic and didn’t automatically know.

So we just had a giggle this time when he said ‘I definitely know its Daddy now because I didn’t tell you about my tooth and then when I did the money was there’.

He also had the nerve to complain that this time there was no interest paid for late remittance!! – You’ve got to give him marks for trying.

Hey Ho, all the fun of growing up – I can’t believe how quickly it happens:)

Has anyone else got stories about gift/ money bearing characters and myths?

Thanks for reading.


About Violets Diary

Visually impaired Mum, with VI hubby, 2 disabled children. Disability campaigner, novice blogger and tweeter. Trying to put the world to rights and share our journey and positive stories.
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10 Responses to The Tooth Fairy is not Psychic!

  1. Rebecca Mitchell says:

    This made me laugh. For a while, my L, who is just 7, said that when he grew up he wanted to be the tooth fairy. I’m not sure why. Anyway – when his last tooth fell out a little while ago, he left his tooth in the little blue tin by his pillow and i found a note saying ‘To Mummy, wo is the tooth fairy’. he was 6 at the time. I’m not quite sure how he found out – maybe having a big sister. I don’t think he’s too gutted as long as the money keeps coming. x

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  4. Special Needs Mum says:

    My almost 13 year old lat weekend lost two molars on the same day (rather careless!) I then found said molars on my bedside table and a two pound coin missing from my dressing table. I think he’s wise to the tooth fairy..

    • Ha Ha. Don’t know why teeth have a habbit of coming out in multiples. Anyway my view is his certain discovery at least excuses us (I mean the tooth fairy) from future interest payments. x

  5. LOL, kids are too clever these days aren’t they! I remember my Mum forgetting mine day after day and I was so upset, that she had to tell me! We have had numerous failed attempts at being the tooth fairy and now that my daughter is 12, I just flutter in pretending to be a fairy and place the £1 in her hand….i don’t think it’s fair that just cos they’re too old to believe, they don’t get any money!

  6. Good writing. I didn’t yet decide if I will tell my daughter if the tooth farry exist or not?

    • For me it was about waiting until they ask questions and then you have to decide how to answer. We just ask them questions back, i didn’t want to just say ‘no she doesn’t exist because then it imediately spoils the magic. Thanks for reading and commenting x

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