School Fair Guilt

This is challenge, I’m going to try to write a short post – not easy, as you may have noticed I’m not good at short!

This afternoon is the school summer fair.  We are going – for a bit.  The children love it spending their money on the things other people are getting rid of and generally just fooling about with their friends and, if I’m lucky, I might get a glass of pimms:)

So where does the guilt come in?  I’m trying not to feel guilty but I do.  Guilt seems to come with everything these days.

We have had so much on over the last week or two that I have barely managed to remember that the summer fair was on today.  If you have read any of my other posts this week you will know there is rather a lot going on here.

Originally D was going to be working today, M had to get to a party and B has his band practice on a Saturday morning.  We also have some new neighbours who moved in about a month ago who are having a housewarming party this afternoon, so I should be quite happy with the fact that we are managing to fit in a couple of hours at the school fair to spend our pennies in support of the PTA.

Then at some ridiculous hour last night I checked my emails, – I had only really focussed on work related ones for the last few days.  And there were several messages from Mums at school making desperate pleas for help at the fair.  I usually do a stint on a stall, but I just haven’t been able to get my head around it this time.  So surely it is alright not to help on the odd occasion.  I know in reality it is, but I can’t help the guilt feelings.

So, we will go and I will spend money, I will also help if they need help while I’m there, but I hate that feeling where I think I could have / should have done more.

Is it just me that feels like this? Should I let go of the guilt or do others feel like it too?

I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

About Violets Diary

Visually impaired Mum, with VI hubby, 2 disabled children. Disability campaigner, novice blogger and tweeter. Trying to put the world to rights and share our journey and positive stories.
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10 Responses to School Fair Guilt

  1. savvymum4 says:

    I think we all do, but sometimes we have to think about us for a change. Life has a habit of throwing all our best laid plans to pot, don’t feel guilty you have had a lot on your plate. Feeling guilty shows what type of person you are someone that cares

  2. Savvymum4 is absolutely right. I too feel guilty at times for not being able to donate my time, but I can never find enough time in the day to get everything done. Sometimes we do need to put ourselves first, and as mentioned above, feeling guilty only shows that we care.

  3. Wolfman says:

    Yes certainly let go the guilt, you are goi g a d buying so the timers aim is supported in that money is raised for school. We can never cover it all a d other parents realise this as doubtless others have worried in previous years about not having the time they would have wished.

    • Hmmm. I’m thinking I’m going to have to let go of some of the other guilt and not do so much of the other stuff either. ‘Victim of Success’ and all that. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, this is me all over! I over-commit myself due mostly to feelings of guilt, then cannot deliver on the task I agreed to do. There are so many mums out there who don’t offer to ever do anything and seem to get away with this 100% guilt-free! Why can some do it and not others? I think we feel a sense of responsibility and that is a good thing, but we must also not feel bad or feel the need to convince others of the reasons why we are not doing it. Basically it comes down to what others think of us and that is not a good reason for doing anything….easier said than done lol!

    • I think you’re right on both, I know there are loads of people who never do anything, but I worry that on the odd occasion that I can’t help that people will forget all the times that I do. Like you say, why should we do things just because we worry about what others might think? Thanks xx

  5. Beverly says:

    Trying to balance what one should do and what one can do is a never-ending process. Some of it depends on the times and seasons of one’s life. And guilt can hit, whether it’s rational or not. When I’m overloaded, feeling guilty, etc. I find that taking some quiet time for myself — no music, no noise — helps. Walking outside (without anyone else) also helps. In the quiet I can usually figure out what’s important, what’s not, what needs to go, and what I need to improve upon. Sometimes it’s a walking prayer or meditation. Good luck.

    • Thanks, Yes, I guess I write lists and write it all down as a way of organising it all and getting things into perspective. I think you’re right. Sometimes you just have to get away for a bit – even if it’s just out for a walk or a swim. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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