I Want A Car.

by cmbpanda

Jump, jump
I want a car, I want a car,
Daddy, please can we have a car?
An Aston Martin DB7 or a Porsche 911
I’ve looked on E-bay,
They’re putting in bids
We could get a Mercedes or a Jag.

No, we can’t get a car,
We can’t see, we can’t drive.

Bounce, bounce,
I want a car, I want a car,
Grandma, please can you get me a car?
A Citroen, Seat or Subaru,
Or even a BMW?
I’ve looked on E-bay,
They’ve got them there,
A Mazda, Maserati, or Bugatti.

No, we can’t get a car,
We can’t see, we can’t drive

Bounce, jump,
I want a car, I want a car,
Daddy, why can’t we get a car?
A lamborghini Aventador-
LP seven hundred and four
I’ve looked on E-bay
I have you know,
We could get a Murcialargo!

NO, we can’t get a car,
We can’t see, we can’t drive,

Jump, bounce,
I want a car, I want a car
Mummy, I really, really want a car
A beetle, mini or a Ka,
a peugot, polo or a Panda.
I’ve looked on E-bay
They’re very cheap,
We could get a Nissan – or a Jeep.

We can’t see, we can’t drive

Jump, jump
Bounce, bounce,
Bounce, jump,
Jump, bounce


OK, can we get a snake then?

About Violets Diary

Visually impaired Mum, with VI hubby, 2 disabled children. Disability campaigner, novice blogger and tweeter. Trying to put the world to rights and share our journey and positive stories. https://violetsdiary.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to I Want A Car.

    • cmbpanda says:

      Thanks for the comment, we don’t see it as Saddening. If you read some of my other posts. We are a perfectly ordinary family doing ordinary things. We just happen to be visually impaired and have a child with aspergers. This poem is meant as a mildly amusing reflection on a current issue and source of discssion at home. Please read some of the others and future posts to see where we are comming from.

      • Yes i shall do so…. i wanted to buy a car … it took me a decade to gather enough money …. that was why it was a saddening for me… i related to your poem….

  1. wolfman says:

    an excellent piece which covers very honestly and objectively the key points of both inclusion in the specific i.e. hotels and in general too. I believe for the reasons you mention and others such as Braille menus for food and wine that these hotels are (at the moment) actually more inclusive as they allow VI people more control over their decisions such as how to order and when to do so. I think therefore there is a need from this perspective while alongside lobbying by the usual campaigns means and by staying too for other hotels to come up to these standards?

    I think there is a general point too the issues around older people who are there for perhaps their one week away each year (and also for their carers too) that they hardly go out alone when at home and therefore would need a higher level of support at home and while away too. Therefore the point here is to campaign for much greater social care for VI people so for example support is available to allow people to remain independent and in their own home, also support is needed outside the home for much greater and consistant mobility training. hence until these are met there will always be a need for these hotels which I believe actually enhance the lives of many rather than reduce and marginalise them.

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