Our fantastic day

This is going to be a very quick entry because we are on holiday in the Lake District and the wifi access in the hotel is not great. Also I’m using my phone to type. Whilst I love my phone ( much to the grumblings of my family ) I do prefer to type on a proper keyboard.

Anyway the reason for wanting to write this quick little entry is because I am feeling absolutely over the moon at the moment. We have just walked about 7 miles across the fells, through woods, by waterfalls and went up to a height of 500 meetres on Wansfell. This is probably a pretty good achievement for many families with kids of 9 and 11. The reason I am feeling so good about it is because it is the first time I have ever attempted anything like this without someone who has a fully functioning set of eyes! Brave, stupid or just taking a calculated risk? Well that is probably a debate in itself! I’m not going to go into the debates at the moment – I’m just going to enjoy the feeling of success.

I did feel nervous before we started, but we had done the research. We had a little card with the route marked out and an OS map and we decided it would be a reasonably popular route. The biggest issue was trying to keep O on the path. He spotted ‘shortcuts’ and wanted everyone to follow. H had to rescue daddy a couple of times after being abandoned on the edge of a river by O but we made it with very few wrong turns

I feel I’ve definitely deserved my gin & tonic tonight

More debate next week. Thanks for reading and happy Easter


About Violets Diary

Visually impaired Mum, with VI hubby, 2 disabled children. Disability campaigner, novice blogger and tweeter. Trying to put the world to rights and share our journey and positive stories. https://violetsdiary.wordpress.com
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